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Lakota Ranch Professional Services Offered:

Consulting and Speaking

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Lakota Ranch is a production model for organic and grass-based beef operations specializing in beef genetics which allow farmers to provide consistent, high-quality beef products for health conscious consumers. Located just outside Remington, Virginia on the Rappahannock River, Lakota Ranch is home to the oldest and most prominent Devon Beef cattle herd in the country, as well as the Lakota Bull Test, the only performance bull test done totally on grass.


The Devon cattle at Lakota Ranch have won several national championships and have been exported all over the world.  Jeremy and Jerry Engh have been judging cattle and evaluating herds for over 50 years.  Jeremy has visited and evaluated over 500 farms across the country, and now has the pleasure of teaching his son, Ty, to start his consulting as well. 


Consultation with you regarding your herd will get you assistance with or discussion of the following: Herd data analysis, animal evaluation, forage and soil analysis, business analysis, marketing plan, breeding plans, linear measurement, ultra sound analysis, judging, lecturing and more.


Our cost is $500 per day, plus travel and expenses. 


Call today for a list of references and to discuss the options.


We look forward to working with you to improve production and make your business more profitable.

The above photos are from Jeremy & Ty's trip to Monticello Florida for a ranching consolation. They visited Susan Simmons at Edgewood Plantation in early January 2020 helping them select their best Devon genetics, making their operation more productive and sustainable. They spent time culling animals that did not meet the desired standards of the Devon breed, which allowed for less animals per acre of pasture. This will allow for the animals to feed on fresh green grass for longer periods of time through out the year, which in turn will allow the land to rest and not be over grazed. Jeremy and Ty were able to help Edgewood Red Devons create a more marketable herd and produce a more consistent product. They also were able to help create a more accurate inventory of their herd and calves which will allow for easier and more effective management. By assisting Edgewood Red Devons in this way, they created a more optimistic future with bigger and better possibilities for their ranch and we can't wait to see what the future holds!

Amber & Derek Hines.HEIC

Here Jeremy & Laurel are standing with Amber & Derek Hines and Lakota's King Henry A176. Amber & Derek are brand new to the Devon breed and drove down to Remington, Virginia all the way from Hines Clan Farm in Bradford, Maine to learn more about the breed & to expand their operation. They started their Devon operation purchasing 4 bred cows and 2 yearling heifers from Tom Hodgeman, but the original stock came from Wendy Russell. The Hines's have 10 children, with an 11th on the way so they want to make their operation successful to build a future for their children.

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Laurel is pictured here with new Devon breeder Hanna Kopjanski with Two Rivers Cattle Company in Boston, Va. Hanna is fourth generation family farmer and spent several years in the cattle exporting business and was looking to start her own docile herd here in Virginia. She spent several days at Lakota with us learning about the Devon breed. In December of 2019 she got 27 Devon cows from Lakota Ranch.

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