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King Henry p44014

Sired by an all breeds champion in England in 1975 named Fishleigh Fieldsman the 8th, this bull illustrates similiar correctness and merit.  Out of a 12 year old cow, this bull outperformed his paddock mates by leaps and bounds.  We are very excited to see his daughters in production and have high hopes for this impressive specimen.

$50.00 a straw, 10 straw minimum

Lakotas Tbone U119

Lakotas Tbone is the culmination of fifty years of Devon breeding in our herd.  His mother, simply the best cow we have ever owned.  His father, the most proven sire we have seen in the breed. Great carcass, low birth weights, polled calves, and more...

$25.00 a straw, 10 straws minimum

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE                                                              


Albions 16N P22107

Albions 16N is another of the great Kinloch Albion A20 sons.  HIs daughters have exceptional udders while maintaining the depth and muscle of the Albion line.  

16N was frame 4, and weighed 2,000 lbs.

Avg calf bwt 72 lbs, Avg days to finish calves on grass 614

$25.00 a straw, 10 straw minimum


BelMur Clay D42593

This perfectly balanced sire was so good that we partnered with 5 Brazilian breeders to buy this bull during the World Congress in 2008 while in Australia.

He is a 2,400 lb. frame 5.5 bull with fine bone, and plenty of meat and muscle.  His daughters and sons look great and we are excited to watch them develop.

Avg calf bwt. 80 lbs.

$35.00 a straw, 10 straw min.

Lakotas Buckeye P60 p22126

The best rumped polled Devon bull in the breed.  With more sons and daughters in production than any other Lakota bull, we have tons of great performance and carcass data on this Lakota classic.

A frame 4 bull weighing 2,300 lbs.  Avg calf BWT 68 lbs.  Avg days to finish calves on grass 595.


$50.00 a straw, 10 straw minimum

Crooked Tree N10 p22105

This polled sire from the Bayou line goes back to a Devonshire great on the dam side and a son of the late Bud bull from the herd of Bobby and Sally Womack.

He is a 2,200 lb., frame 4.5 bull with fine bone, deep body, tremendous muscle expression, exceptional loin muscle area, and a perfect disposition.

Avg calf bwt. 66 lbs.  Avg days to finish calves on grass 624

$25 a straw, 10 straw minimum

Lakotas H48 p21991

This homozygous polled deep bodied bull has long been a top performer.  With many daughters in their high teens, he has proven to produce daughters that last.  Moderate growth, meat, and muscle, Lakotas H48 is the definition of balance.

Frame 4, weighed 1,850 lbs. Avg calf bwt 71 lbs, Avg days to finish calves on grass 640

$75.00 a straw, 10 straw minimum

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