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The Lakota Bull Test

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Bulls may be claimed anytime before the sale starts for $5,000. By being the first to claim a bull you are locked in at that price and another bidder must bid $500 more to advance the auction. All animals with multiple bidders will be auctioned off in the traditional sense after the second bid is received. If no other bids come in the bull is sold for the claimed price. 

After the sale concludes we will continue to sell bulls in the same manner with the claiming price dropping weekly by $500. In other words, a bull can be claimed at any time for $4500, $4000, or $3500 but you may be out bid until the date specified. If no higher bids come in the bull is yours for the claimed price when the corresponding date is reached..

November 10th - $4500

November 17th - $4000

November 24th - $3500

Call for a Bidder Number and bidding instructions

                  Jeremy      540-718-1139

A special thank you to our consignors and our test committee. Your commitment to Grass fed, sustainable agriculture, and functionally efficient animals is what keeps this test going..

Call Jeremy for info 540-718-1139 

What we Believe 

The Lakota Bull Test is a post weaning grass performance evaluation for beef sires of all breeds. Bulls are evaluated for temperament, structural correctness, fertility, foraging ability, carcass quality and ability to perform on grass in a management intensive grazing situation.

Lots of producers sell you bulls that are supposed to work on grass but have been prepared other ways.

This is quite a risk to take as animals do NOT always do what they are supposed to(surprise).  We have learned a the LBT that we  want sires that have the three P's: Pedigree, Phenotype, and Performance. You cannot  accurately assess performance without trusting the production system

The Lakota Bull Test specializes in providing Beef Cattle Sires that will allow farmers to produce a consistent, high-quality product for health conscious consumers on grass.

Whether you are grass finishing stockers or sending calves to the feed lot, don't your momma cows have to raise a calf and be in good enough shape to re-breed on grass? Can you afford to do it any other way? The LBT is designed to identify animals and bloodlines which are genetically suited for production on grass. We have the top people in the business to help us do just that. We have experts to analyze soils, forages, ultra-sound data, DNA, and growth records. We aim to test and identify balanced animals genetically predisposition to perform on grass.


With the rising costs of production, one can continue to throw feed, fuel, and fertilizer at the problem or modify the genetic make-up of their herd to create animals who can do more with less input.


This years young group of bulls looks great and is off to a nice start with the mild winter we have had. We started the test with 50 bulls this year but have removed several already. What we are left with is a solid group of animals genetically predisposition to perform on grass.

These bulls are managed just like a group of stocker cattle preparing for harvest. Through this type of management alone can we determine which animals will thrive in a grass only production system. The bull is 50% of the genetic makeup of EVERY one of your calves. This is far to big a piece of the puzzle to take chances. This is why we test bulls the way we do! This is why you need ta Lakota Bull Test Certified sire.




The only totally grass fed bull test around, there are no crutches at the Lakota Bull Test. Here is what  producers who have bought LBT bulls have to say.


Nick Estrella of Mt. Pleasant Texas: 

" The LBT forage raised bulls are the best bulls I own and the best I have bought. They have held condition superbly and I plan to be back."


Dale Sims of Georgia:

"The bull is excellent; he has really filled out and has sired a group of nice calves.  All the cows calved easily and we have not lost a single one.  Even our cows having their first calves had no problems whatsoever."


Burt Richards of Pennsylvania:

" The Bulls I purchased from the LBT went right to work breeding 40+ cows a piece last spring, the calves look great and scanned very well."


Charlie Ritzburg of North Carolina:

"Jeremy, you made a believer out of me. These pastured bulls have held up great and even filled out while settling 92% of the cattle I used them over."


Paul Turtleton of Maine:

" I like the idea, I like the production system, and after receiving my two bulls, I am thrilled."


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