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Semen & Embryos

Lakota Ranch has been the industry leader in Devon genetics since the 1950's, this includes semen and embryo options. Lakota Ranch has a long-standing policy of collecting genetic material from only the top performing animals in the herd and the breed. This means animals that are at least 6 years old, that have produced in the top 10% of herd consistently and are free from structural and genetic defects. Lakota's genetics have been and are currently being used by bull studs around the globe. Lakota's Devon cattle perform with a high degree of predictability and uniformity.

Semen is stored and sold in cane's holding ten straws. Discounts are given for bulk purchase and for commercial use on animals listed under the current bull stud page.



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Current Bulls at Stud

Rare & Imported Sires

Retired Semen Sires 


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