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Sired by an all breeds champion in England in 1975 named Fishleigh Fieldsman the 8th, this bull illustrates similiar correctness and merit.  Out of a 12 year old cow, this bull outperformed his paddock mates by leaps and bounds.  We are very excited to see his daughters in production and have high hopes for this impressive specimen.

$50.00 per straw - 10 straw minimum

With a pedigree that includes the Imported Sire Bel Mur Clay and Lakotas Q26, Lakota's Rumbel matches pedigree with performance. This bull has more ,"guts" than any in the breed. This volume transfers to his calves and can put money in your pocket. The 2017 Devon National Champion, Lakota's Rumbel W135

$50.00 per straw - 10 straw minimum

                 *This bull is owned in partnership with Ozark Red Devons


2018 National Champion, Lakotas Red Dude A113 is a powerful and deep bodied Devon Bull from the Noyl Line of Devons and mothered by a Potheridge Presidents daughter. The Noyl and Potheridge lines have always been characterized by strong polled, deep red, well-muscled animals with great dispositions and Red Dude is all that and more. Red Dude calves and Red Dude himself are the Breed Standard.

$35.00 per straw - 10 straw minimum

$20.oo per - commercial use

CSS semen available for export

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