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Who We Are

In 1990 the Engh family moved from Effingham plantation in Nokesville, Virginia to Lakota Ranch on the edge of Culpeper county in Remington, Virginia. With the family history rich in agriculture and livestock production, the Enghs have long been recognized for the gourmet quality Grass fed beef produced by their Devon cattle and for the quality of the cattle themselves.  

Lakota's Devon genetics have been the premier Devon Genetics in this country since the 80's.


We believe in customer satisfaction and our cattle make it easy to provide. The following numbers illustrate our ability to satisfy our customer and our history of leading the way in the Devon breed. From 1985 until 2000, around 2,400 Devon animals were registered in this country; 1,750 of those animals were registered by Lakota Ranch, and 2,2120 of those same animals registered contained above 50% genetics from the herd at Lakota Ranch. More recently, Lakota Bred Devon Bulls Have won 4 of the last 5 National shows and Lakota annually leads the breed in transfers and sale prices. We don't say this to brag but rather to illustrate the history of proven production and customer satisfaction. In fact I'll go one step further, until the modern smart phone, 60% of our cattle annually were sold sight unseen. Thats 500+ head a year.

Cattle finished on pasture have many names, grass-fed, forage-finished, pasture-finished, whatever...but no matter what you call it, it has proven nutritional advantages.  It's healthier than grain fed beef; it contains higher amounts of desirable fatty acids and antioxidants than traditional feed lot finished beef, and the most important thing is what it does not contain (hormones, antibiotics, etc..). Experience at Lakota and elsewhere has shown that beef cattle naturally produce a potent anti carcinogen, conjugated linoleic acid. Lakota’s Devon beef, produced on forage contain about twice the amount of this anticarcinogen as beef produced on typical, grain based diets as well as more vitamin-E, more Beta-Carotene, and more Omega3 fatty acids. Beef from Lakota’s Devon cattle also contain higher amounts of intramuscular fat, higher percentages of gourmet carcasses, and finish quicker than other beef breeds. Part of the reason for this is genetics, pure Devon Genetics were made for grass finishing, or is it the other way around. I forget sometimes...

At Lakota Ranch we produce cattle that will calve as 2 year olds and last more than a decade. The cows will produce calves annually that finish on grass in two years or less and grade low choice or better. Cows calve unassisted, require no supplemental feed, are docile, fertile, and efficient. Please call for references.

Our bulls are held to the same criteria of production as our females. Additionally, our bulls service 50+ females in a 60 day season and do that twice a year if needed. The cheapest way to improve your herd is by adding a Lakota Devon bull.

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