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Bulls at Stud

Lakota's Devon genetics have been the best in Devon Genetics in the U.S. since the 1980s. From 1985 to 2000, there were around 2,400 Devon's registered in America. 1,750 of those were registered by Lakota Ranch. 2,120 of the 2,400 registered derived over 50% their genetics from Lakota Ranch. As you can tell, we are quite proud of our reputation and the performance of our cattle and we encourage potential breeders to call around, ask about us, our cattle, our dedication to the breed and its breeders and our overall commitment to performance all animals on an all grass-fed diet.

Our bulls are held to the same criteria of production as our females. Additionally, our bulls service 50+ females in a 60 day season and do that twice a year if needed. The most affordable way to improve your herd is by adding a Lakota Devon bull.

Love this handsome boy!!
Laurel Engh with Lakota's King Henry A176 at the 2017 Grass Fed Exchange in Albany, NY.
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